Online Marketplace Surveillance

SIPI personnel are experts in the field of online marketplace monitoring and investigation and protecting your intellectual property rights as new websites pop up with incredible ease, speed and at low cost. While exponential growth of online venues facilitates commerce, it underscores the need to protect the reputation of your brands against counterfeiters and unscrupulous sellers. Our proprietary technology allows us to troll online marketplaces and auction sites for any suspicious activity. We hone in on “high value targets”, sellers who deal in large quantities while keeping an eye out for a larger nexus of dealers working together or under one name.

The Internet has paved the way for counterfeit and pirated goods, often passed off as authentic product.

Without knowing precisely what to look for, the average consumer is often deceived and unknowingly purchases fraudulent goods and services. This is a risk not only to your revenues, but also your reputation, and the safety of your clientele.

SIPI’s Marketplace Surveillance services identify websites of concern and the people or companies behind them.