Online Enforcement Services

Online Marketplace Surveillance

Using our proprietary software, our team of experts reviews each listing to identify infringements and enforce your IP rights. We cover over 200 marketplaces globally with a focus on China and other Asian markets. Through our services we have been able to reduce the number of infringing offers by nearly 80% per client. We focus on identifying repeat offenders and “high value targets” (sellers selling large quantities of products) for all of our clients and have the technical ability and investigative skills to reveal the identity of such offenders and “HVTs”.

Rogue Website Surveillance

We investigate websites that deal in counterfeit or pirated products and assist in having such sites shut down.

Social Media Surveillance

We spot instances where your trademark or brand is being used in an objectionable manner or by a ‘brandjacker’, for promotional or advertising purposes. We utilize the relevant platforms to form complaint mechanisms to protect our clients’ IP.

Mobile Marketplace Surveillance

We identify and remove objectionable and infringing use of a brand name or its intellectual property across major app stores as well as country-specific app stores.

AdWord Surveillance

We file complaints against both advertisers and advertisements that are not in compliance with a search engine’s policies. We have been involved in major projects where we were able to identify, report and remove infringing activity identified on both organic and inorganic search results obtained across major search engines.

Domain Name Surveillance

We identify domains that have been registered and are violating the client’s trademark rights. We not only identify infringing domains but also are able to provide pertinent advice to clients by giving them feasible and effective enforcement options.