Fashion Industry

A luxury fashion brand that has paved its way as a household name in just a few decades, wished to bring a civil action against a major China-based e-commerce platform and its associates. The company’s phenomenal and profitable growth has consequently attracted unwarranted attention from infringers who seek to capitalize on the brand’s success. In order to develop the evidence to formulate an action, the brand required assistance in investigating the sale of counterfeit products on these online marketplaces. A law firm hired SIPI with this charge to assist with the investigation.

The firm approached SIPI owing to SIPI’s knowledge of the Asian marketplace and physical proximity to the perpetrators; strategically headquartered in one of Asia’s largest business hubs, Singapore, SIPI was and still is quite literally at the center. The firm concluded that with SIPI’s extensive local knowledge and regular contact with on-ground enforcement to support an already experienced team, SIPI was the best bet for combating counterfeiting in Asia.

Through investigations conducted online, SIPI  discovered two loosely connected groups of  sellers who were actually working together to sell counterfeit products under the client’s brand name. Tens of thousands of products were subsequently seized through law suits brought simultaneously in the United States and China.