Cosmetics Industry

The beauty industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. Cosmetics account for $55 billion worth of expenditure in the US alone. Naturally, with so much at stake, a manufacturer of cosmetic fillers came knocking on our door to help them with their plight to defend their brand.

The client knew an influx of counterfeit products was flooding the marketplaces but where were they coming from? SIPI took this issue apart piece by piece. Leaving no rock unturned, we made sure everything from the number of sellers involved to the number of listings per seller were determined. SIPI pinpointed the exact locations for each of the manufacturers, all of whom were based in China. Having established relations with local enforcement, SIPI discovered that there were 12 groups claiming to be licensed manufacturers of the client’s products and 8 more claiming to be wholesalers of the products.

The brand was not only concerned by the trademark infringement but also the welfare of the people on the receiving end of these unlicensed products, which undoubtedly, did not face the same health and safety regulations as the original products and thus a serious public health risk. COO, Bharat Kapoor remarked, “We forget that there is an even more ugly side to counterfeiting and brand infringement. It can be quite literally a case of life and death.”

Thanks to regular monitoring of over 50 different marketplaces, SIPI used its network and various SEO techniques to unveil over 5000 infringing listings. Complying with SIPI’s request, Google removed 97% of these listings from their search engine. Although valuing the benefits of a soft approach to maintain amiable relations with local marketplaces, SIPI when necessary is able to step up to the plate and take tough action. After SIPI sent various warnings to the remaining infringing websites in the form of multiple cease and desist letters and liaising with on-ground affiliates, SIPI was able to take down the remaining infringers. With the hard work done, SIPI still maintains monitoring services on behalf of the brand to ensure cases like this do not pop up in the future and if so, are attended to immediately.